Antonio Jorge Araujo
Smartphone Photography

'I am from Brazil. I came to Adelaide to study English. Before entering the workshop, I didn’t know how to take advantage of all the features in my camera. The course helped me to get to know my smartphone camera, learn framing and composition, and make friends! For me, as a Brazilian student, it was a great opportunity to get to know Adelaide as well! I highly recommend The Photography School.'

Kate Hicks
Photography 101

'I love being creative, and I’ve always been passionate about great photography – but now I’m finally finding the time to improve my skills. I wanted to learn manual photography, but I never really knew where to start until the workshop – which covered all the basics. I loved the practical nature of the course, and the city location was perfect!' 

Jess Hicks
Smartphone photography                                                                                                                                                    @dressedincooper

'I’m a police officer, but I also run a food and wine blog and Instagram account on my spare time. The workshop was so valuable in learning how to improve my photography! I have always done photography, but I wanted to refresh old techniques and add some new ones. I loved how we rode around on bikes, rediscovering the city I love! And whilst we were given freedom to shoot what we wanted, Heidi was always there to impart her advice. '

Kirsti Kankkuen
Bike Smartphone Photography (Adelaide Fringe)

'I volunteer my time for Rotaract Australia where I am the President of the Adelaide City chapter. I really enjoyed the workshop, as it allowed me to take better photos for our social media. The idea to combine photography and a bike tour where you get to learn more about taking better photos, practice your new skills in different locations, exercise, and see parts of Adelaide was a brilliant one! I knew nothing about composition and perspective before this workshop. Heidi was a great teacher!'

Katey Halliday
DSLR photography 101                                                                                                                                                    @datingadelaide

'In my free time I like to dabble in all things craft including floristry, sewing and now, photography! I recently started an Instagram account with a colleague, and the photography skills I learnt have made it so much more enjoyable. I have really noticed a difference in my photos.  

The Workshop was so much fun! The interactive style of the class was right up my alley, and I tell all my friends about it!'.